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Why It's Always Important To Dig Deeper

“Remain in questions” One of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given. In context, my teacher was talking about watching our thoughts objectively during our yoga asana and meditation practice.

“Remain in questions”

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given. In context, my teacher was talking about watching our thoughts objectively during our yoga asana and meditation practice, but we can apply this gem in so many areas of our lives.

Here’s the thing: our brains like to settle on the things they know (I’ve spoken about this before in this blog about how we create our own reality), because the faster we can reassure ourselves that we’ve found an answer, the better - it keeps us feeling safe and secure in a scary world of, really, limitless possibility.

That’s why, often, when our minds propose a question or produce a scenario, we settle on the first answer our brain throws up. It makes us feel like we know stuff.

But this isn’t always good. And very rarely is this first answer true.

To remain in question is to allow ourselves not to settle on that first response. It is to take that first answer we find and turn it upside down, inside out and back-to-front and accept that THAT might be as good an answer. It is to challenge ourselves to keep digging for more possible answers - deeper and deeper.

It is also to admit that maybe we’ll never know the ‘truth’ about any situation; that we will probably never be ‘right’ about anything, because, well, there will always be conflicting information, mixed advice and different interpretations to take into account. 


In our production-focused, consumption-obsessed Western world, we’re consistently bombarded with information and unsolicited advice. EVERYONE wants us to believe they’re right so that we buy into their story, justify their actions with our support and, often, pay them for those actions. And they’re good at being persuasive!

This is why, at OHMME, we’re doing our best to stay aware, open and informative.


Because we want to be truly on top of our game when it comes to methods of production as a company. So, we’re constantly researching our providers of fabrics, where the raw materials for the fabrics are coming from, the ethics of the houses of production we use, and the ways we can conduct ourselves as a business on all levels. 

A good example: when we heard we could get hold of fabrics made out of recycled plastic bottles, we got pretty excited. Surely this was an environmentally-friendly bandwagon we could hop on?! But, sadly, with deeper investigation, we found that most of these ‘recycled’ plastic bottles used to create the fabrics were being produced solely for this use! What?! Yep...

Moral of the story - don’t just take the headlines as the full story. Stay in questions, dig deeper, and go that bit further to find the full picture behind the snapshot you're being offered.


Because we want you to have the choice to dig deeper into all of these areas too. We love it when you challenge us to be better. We WANT you to call us out on something you think we could change. We want you to keep questioning us so we can all explore questions of substance and sustainability together.


We’ll keep sharing what we find and tell it to you as plainly as we can. We’ll roll out the facts as we come to know them, and we’ll even tell you if those facts have been disproven!

We don’t claim to have any answers, but we do promise we’ll always stay curious and ready to evolve whenever and wherever we can.

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