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The OHMME collection: the team’s top 5 picks

Louis – OHMME Ram Denims Louis, OHMME’s founder, simply LOVES our brand-new Ram Denims. Since they launched a few days ago, we can’t seem to get him to wear anything else! And why would he when...


  1. Louis – OHMME Ram Denims

Louis, OHMME’s founder, simply LOVES our brand-new Ram Denims. Since they launched a few days ago, we can’t seem to get him to wear anything else! And why would he when they are the most flexible jeans he’s ever owned. The Ram Denims are designed for ultimate freedom of movement and comfort for on-the-go guys, who don’t want to be held back by rigid clothes. ‘They’re great for me’ says Louis ‘as if I need to run for a train or decide to do some squats, I can, I have freedom to move, and they look awesome’. Get more flexibility in your life with the OHMME Ram Denims.


  1. Gabriel – OHMME Eco Warrior II GREEN DEFENCE

Gabriel, our marketing guru, loves all things OHMME. He loves yoga and regularly works out at the gym too. He wants clothes that give him the freedom to move, letting him excel at whatever exercise he’s doing. For him, our Eco Warrior II GREEN DEFENCE shorts are spot on. In fact, they’re now his activewear all-rounder. These shorts include a compression layer for improved muscle support and circulation, and they’re made from GREEN DEFENCE recycled polyester with anti-bacterial properties. They’re light and fast drying, making them perfect for Gabriel’s yoga sessions and high-intensity workouts at the gym. Get yours here.


  1. Philip – OHMME Zhu Boxer

Phil is the high commander of OHMME’s customer service. He loves heavy metal, vegan food and fashion, loves climbing stuff, and he cycles A LOT. In other words, he needs clothes that make it easy to move around – our absurdly comfortable boxers fit the bill. The Zhu Boxer briefs are genuine eco clothes, made from bamboo jersey, making them SERIOUSLY soft to touch. They are his go-to underwear for everyday use, but they’re also moisture wicking (unlike regular cotton underwear), making them great for cycling, climbing, or yoga too. Phil likes to help the planet, so he’s happy his favourite boxers are produced by a sustainable brand like OHMME. Bamboo is a great crop to work with as it absorbs up to 30% more carbon dioxide than standard trees. We know, amazing, right? Be like Phil, buy some Zhu’s here.

  1. Shelby - OHMME Dharma Pants

Our Dharma Pants have been part of the OHMME Core collection for a while now, but for good reasons: they never stop selling! Shelby, our OHMME yogi, is always out and about and loves wearing them most days… he even has a pair in every colour. Shelby says: “These are without a doubt the best yoga pants for men.” He’s tried a lot of trousers for his active lifestyle and yoga practice, but the great fit and excellent mobility of the fabric in our Dharmas beats all the other pairs he’s tried hands down. Give them a try and tell us what you think.


  1. Che – OHMME 8-Limb Hoodie

When Che, OHMME’s very own maths genius, isn’t crunching numbers, he’s crunching weights down at the gym. He’s also got himself a cool pair of wheels: Che rides a motorbike to and from the OHMME office every day. That means he needs clothing that works in the office, in the gym and on his bike – pretty much everywhere. What’s Che’s choice? He likes to wear the OHMME 8-Limb Hoodie. The 8-Limb Hoodie is great for a casual look, but it’s also perfect for performance and comfort. It has thumbholes to keep your wrists warm and help regulate your body temperature, and if you’re looking to improve your Ashtanga yoga practice, there’s a handy cheat sheet on the inside too. Why not give our top-selling hoodie a try and experience ultimate comfort?

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