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How yoga saved my life. By yoga Budokon teacher Max Munro

by OHMME team on

My name is Max Munro. I am a 22-year-old yoga teacher based in London, UK. From a young age I really wanted to be on stage, perhaps as...

From Asana Upward: Brian Carew’s journey as a Movement and Yoga instructor

by OHMME team on

There is no single discipline that I wanted to focus on. I wanted bits and pieces of them all. I looked to movers like Ido Portal for inspiration,...

Adam Husler: The reality of being a yoga teacher in London

by OHMME team on

Ditching the 9-to-5 and leaving the rat race behind sounds like everyone’s idea of a dream, yet so few of us make it a reality.

Christian Florez: How yoga saved my life

by OHMME team on

Based in LA, Christian Florez is a male yoga teacher. A recovering heroin addict, he’s about to celebrate five years of sobriety, has recently become a father, and...

CyberYoga: How to achieve greatness with vision and self-belief

by OHMME team on

Having grown up amidst the gang culture of downtown LA, Lamonte Goode built CyberYoga to prove that hard work, focus and determination can build great things. 

Manning up: How yoga saved me from drug addiction

by OHMME team on

Jacob Manning needs no introduction. One of the world’s top yogis, Jacob is as well-known for his hugely popular online videos as he is for his unswerving dedication...

What is our identity built on?

by OHMME team on

If you’re a dad, then that’s who you are, everything is built open that identity. But what happens when we succumb to this pressure?

How a Diagnosis Helped Me Find My Way Back To My Body

by OHMME team on

My journey with yoga began 4 years ago, when I was diagnosed with HIV. My life had changed forever and one of my biggest fears had come true....

How Your ‘Meditative Activity’ Is Most Likely Just An Escape

by OHMME team on

We’ve all been told to sit and meditate. However, every time we try, nothing seems to happen. We were told meditation would make us calmer, stress free and...

Why It's Always Important To Dig Deeper

by OHMME team on

“Remain in questions” One of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given. In context, my teacher was talking about watching our thoughts objectively during our...


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