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New Ram Denims. Your New Favourite Jeans, but Better

You were born to move. Movement is a basic need a key to self-expression. We love jeans, but they’re holding us back. They make movement difficult. So it’s time to rethink 

the way jeans are designed. No more restrictions. Just pure movement.

The story of OHMME Ram Denims

We wanted to create a whole new pair of jeans for active guys who have a busy lifestyle and want clothing that has mobility embedded in its DNA. After months of research and development, our first pair of jeans were born.


Inspired by our best-selling pair of trousers, the Dharma Pants, our then-new Denim Pants were born and became our best-selling garment, radically transforming our mission at OHMME.

“They were a hybrid street-to-studio item, with more emphasis on ‘studio’ than ‘street’. With our new Ram Denims, we’ve turned the idea on its head. “ Louis, OHMME Founder

We weren’t prepared at the time for them to sell out so fast, so we decided to focus on offering an improved version of these jeans, based on feedback from our customers, intensive R&D and plenty of trial and error.

Our Ram Denims are a groundbreaking version of our favourite jeans, made for all body types. What’s more, we are pleased to announce that they are available in two colours (black and blue) and they have arrived earlier than expected. The first 300 pairs have already arrived at OHMME HQ!

Move With Comfort

Taking all the benefits of Yoga and Movement clothing, our new jeans are designed to wear anywhere, from the daily commute to your gym class, a chilled night-in to a proper night-out and everything in between. We’ve created a new hyper-articulated fabric for the Ram Denims, making them super-flexible without any risk of them losing their shape. These jeans remove all barriers to movement and expression.


They feature an extra gusset to allow for deep lunges, squats and sudden movements like leaps and jumps. The fabric, unlike traditional denim, is engineered to be ultra-durable and resistant to fading. They’ll keep you warmer in cold weather; when it’s warm, or during a workout, they’ll wick sweat away quickly.

Do no harm. We have made these jeans stain-resistant, so they allow for more wears without washing and do not require hot water when washed. They are wrapped in recycled paper as opposed to plastic to reduce our plastic consumption. Please complete the circle and recycle this packaging.

These jeans are named after Ram Dass, professor, author, spiritual seeker. Ram Dass took the decision to explore his true self and take his own journey towards self-discovery. Our paths will all be different to his, but his story has been an inspiration to many, and we want to pay it homage.

The pockets are designed for the 21st century. Whilst most jeans have a small inner pocket whose original intent is still up for debate and has no use, the OHMME Ram Denims have an inner pocket perfectly designed for your smartphone. Your phone will stay safe no matter how you move.

We made these jeans because we believe you want to explore movement without being restricted by the clothing you wear. Ram Denims are our first casualwear item, so we’ve combined the mobility of yoga clothing with the style and look of traditional jeans. Movement is the beginning of self-enquiry and expression, we don't want to be limited by the jeans we wear.

We value what you think. Let us know what we can do to make the OHMME Ram Denims even better. Mobility is freedom, and all clothing should celebrate this.

Buy OHMME Ram Denims here.

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