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How thirsty are your jeans? How many baths has your t-shirt taken?

It is common knowledge that fast fashion and the mass production of clothes can exploit men, women and children in the developing world. But what about the environmental cost of producing the fabric itself? More and more attention is being paid to the impact that the ever-increasing demand for clothes is placing on the natural world. Sustainability is not just a question of treating workers fairly but also conserving the planet's natural resources.

Your jeans were thirsty. An average pair required 1,800 gallons of water to produce. That is the equivalent to around 6,800-litre bottles of water. Even your plain white t-shirt was seriously hydro-intensive. The average t-shirt uses up to ten full bathtubs of water before it arrives on the shop floor. This is not just a problem for low-end clothing. Cotton is a water-intensive crop, unfortunately, organic cotton even more so. So why not switch to polyesters? Because it is made from oil it is polluting and unsustainable. So the choice is between dirtier or drier rivers.

The sustainability problem is fashion's dirty secret. Fast fashion demands constant turnover. New lines are added to stores each week. Gone is the cycle of four seasons.

The problem is that all these clothes are disposable. They are not purchased to be a permanent fixture in the wardrobe, but for this weekend's night out. Research has shown that the average garment is worn as few as seven times before being thrown away. After all, who wants to be tagged on Instagram wearing the same outfit time and time again?

There is a solution. Responsible clothing brands are standing up and making a change. Sustainability is set to be the next fashion trend, and sustainable brands the latest high-end look. And why not? Consumers have the power to make the change: you can decide how much impact the clothes that you wear have on the environment. When you post a picture of yourself in the same eco-friendly chinos on social media, why not tag the brand and spread awareness?

At OHMME we’re doing all we can to reduce the environmental impact the clothing industry causes using certifications like bluesign® which monitors every steps in the textile supply chain and only approves chemicals, processes, materials, and products that are safe for our planet, safe for workers, and safe for the customers.

We aim to constantly improve our production process. We are passionate about this, and we want to use the newest technologies and materials available that are not only good for performance but also for the environment.

As a small company and as individuals our impact is limited, but if we keep at it, work hard, make great, clean products, then things will start changing.

Using the power of the internet we can go directly to customers and charge lower prices for well-sourced sustainable garments. Together we can make an impact. Join the unhindered movement.

Check out our sustainable collection here

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