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How Travel Helps Me To Embrace Change

“Change is the only constant” - Heraclitus

These words have not always resonated with me, particularly because I never wanted to hear them. Growing up, I never liked having to move on from one phase to another.

Growing up, I never liked having to move on from one phase to the next, because I was so accustomed to having a routine. I rehearsed rituals daily as if I were to perform them at the end of my life, proving something to someone for some reason still unknown.

Unbeknownst to me, my paradigm was soon scheduled for a massive shift.

After years of studying the human body in its physical form, I decided to redirect my attention from outside of the body to the inside of my mind. Diving headfirst into the infinite abyss of yoga. Shortly after, I moved to Germany, which became the catalyst for my current nomadic lifestyle filled with travel, yoga and, most importantly, change.

I can’t really describe what it was that pushed me to take up yoga and subsequently travel, but, for now, we will call it an intuitive nudge.

It was one of the first times I can remember that I was confident in creating change.

Since then, I have begun to realise that everything has always been changing on both a grand and subtle scale.

Whether it be slow and gradual or instantaneous, the world is and has always been in a perpetual state of change. We, as living beings, are no different.

My friends and family are no longer limited to my hometown; my awareness and respect for other cultures are constantly growing. I feel like I sleep on couches and floors as much as I do in an actual bed.

But whether I am sitting behind the wheel in traffic, jet-lagged between flights or drooling on the armrest of an overnight train, I have found that these are the times where I am most comfortable in dealing with change. These moments have become my most important teachers.

Where change used to cause fear and anxiety, it now consumes me with wonder and fascination. Foreign becomes familiar and what has always been familiar begins to seem a bit foreign.

Traveling has practically forced me to accept the natural flow of life. If I want to ebb when it’s time to flow, then the universe will knock me off my pedestal until I sync back up on a swivel.

So over time, I begin to build a resilience towards change and in doing so, the ability to adapt becomes both graceful and seamless. It’s not about finding an easy way but rather finding ease in the way.

Change isn’t always comfortable, but we have to deal with it. Ignoring change takes us out of the present moment and will eventually cause unrest in our lives.

Creating and maintaining a positive mindset is a practice, like everything else. We must persist in our endeavors to learn and grow so that we can teach others to do the same. It really boils down to our perspective and understanding of change itself.

Change the way you think about things, and the things you think about will change…even change itself.

So, as much as travel allows me to explore the world around me, the real discoveries fundamentally seem to occur right within me - travel simply facilitates these internal expeditions.

Travel the world if you wish, but don’t forget that there is plenty of terrain within us all that has yet to be discovered. The inner world is beautiful and is a great place to start.

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