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CyberYoga: How to achieve greatness with vision and self-belief

Having grown up amidst the gang culture of downtown LA, Lamonte Goode built CyberYoga to prove that hard work, focus and determination can build great things. Recognizable from the cover of dance film ‘You Got Served’, Lamonte explains why CyberYoga is the new addition to the yoga world.

What would you say the biggest adversity in your life has been?

I would say believing in myself with goals and dreams, and conquering my doubts and other people’s opinions. This is no longer a challenge for me.

Are you close with your family?

I’m not really close with my family at all. I believe we are on different frequencies and life paths.

What was the crowd like that you were hanging around at a younger age?

Honestly, when I was younger most of my friends were trouble makers and gang members. I was the one that stayed out of trouble and had big dreams.

Would you say it is difficult for you to open up? If so why?

Not a problem at all for me, I’m very selective of who I let in my circle. Respectful and likeminded individuals are who I resonate with first. Years of dancing has helped me be more open in situations as well.

Do you remember who your role models were growing up? If so, what made them so special?

In my youth I didn’t have my real father in my life, my stepdad did what he could, but I can honestly say they weren’t my role models. I was really inspired by Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger and tons of super heroes from comic books. To me they were larger than life and represented what a good, strong and positive role model looked like.

What are some of your hobbies?

Training, studying matters of interest and creating – as well as fitness and health.

Where were you born and raised?

I was born in Akron Ohio but raised in Los Angeles in the USA.

Any fun facts?

For seventeen years I’ve done TV & film, appearing in tons of films, commercials and television shows. I’m also on the front cover of the feature dance film ‘You Got Served’.

How did CyberYoga come to be?

CyberYoga was created out of depression and hardship.

What does CyberYoga mean?

CYBER is an acronym for the following:


What is the inspiration behind CyberYoga?

I’m a fan of futurism and science fiction. My breakdance style has a very futuristic and geometric approach to movement and still evolves to this day. I’m a big fan of pushing boundaries and evolution of subjects that I’m interested in. I truly feel that CyberYoga is my life calling and purpose.

What has the creation of CyberYoga done for you?

It reinforces and proves that I’m here to share the CyberYoga movement for a specific reason. I’ve inspired myself and many across the globe with years of dedication, blood, sweat and tears. It proves that anything can be accomplished if you put your mind to it.

What is the intention behind it all?

The intention is to prove that I’m the simple by-product of hard work, focus and determination and that CyberYoga will be the new addition and standard to the yoga world and periodic table of fitness and dance. Anyone can achieve greatness with focused vision and self-belief.


I love OHMME because the team believed in my vision and showed the utmost respect and love for what I do. The best part is that I have a great relationship with the members, I feel like it’s a brotherhood. Most importantly, I feel and see that the OHMME brand leads by example and has 100% integrity with their mission statement, unlike other yoga brands. Also, OHMME believes in all types of movement - thank you OHMME for the love and support!


You can find out more about CyberYoga, including commercials he’s in and workshops he’s running, by visiting his website here.

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