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Consuming responsibly with OHMME's recycled materials

Friday 15th November marks America Recycles Day, designed as a day of education and motivation to encourage every citizen to consume more sustainably.

Across the nation, thousands of events are taking place at a local level to carry out the three fundamental R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle. All three have their role in creating more environmentally-friendly consumption, and all three are readily achievable.

Keep America Beautiful, the organisers of America Recycles Day, is seeking to boost the nation’s recycling rate up from 34% through online pledges to recycle more: it already has 76,463 people signed up. Educating the next generation is particularly crucial, and the Keep America Beautiful’s ‘Recycle-Bowl’ lets America’s schools compete to collect the most amount of recycled material over the course of four weeks.

The EU has a 50% recycling goal by 2020 and Wales (UK) reached a target of 64% recycling well over a year ago, proof that determination and commitment to the environment can be rewarded.

OHMME is committed to contributing to a greener planet, and uses innovative methods to ensure that its clothing is as environmentally friendly as possible, without compromising quality, performance and aesthetics. OHMME’s clothing range is built to last, ensuring that shoppers do not need to constantly replace fraying shorts or out-of-shape t-shirts.

Most impressively, a number of our items are constructed from recyclable materials. Our 2 dogs shorts, for example, are made of recycled nylon: easy to forget when they offer antibacterial and sweat wicking action to keep you cool and dry, and material that is soft to the touch too.

Fancy a sustainable top made from recycled polyester instead? The Astral tee is an all-rounder that will become the staple of your wardrobe through its rich colours and ultra-soft touch.

If you prefer a vest, check out our Sagan. And for a warmer cut to wear out during colder days, our new Dawn henley top has long-sleeves as well as contrast neck and cuffs. All three tops feature recycled material that creates our softest fabric in store. Making the right choices for the environment does not need to involve compromises.

Browse through our online store to see our products that are clearly marked as made from recyclable material. You will also find other environmentally-friendly features of our clothing, such as the bluesign® system that guarantees the sustainability of your fabric. Most importantly, you can rest assured that OHMME clothes are made to the very highest of standards, so they impress whether you are meeting a friend for coffee or in the middle of a yoga session.

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